Science Club Month Celebration: September 4-25, 2009...hail to the great VCSHS!



I.       Content


o  Apply/demonstrate scientific principles or attempt to provide new knowledge;

o  Be a result of continuing or parallel scientific research and investigation & not a copy of any previous research;

o  Have socio-economic significance and   relevance to livelihood development; and

o  Contribute to the advancement of S&T and the development of the community.


II.    Physical Set-up/Visual Display


            The physical set-up must be attractive and informative.  Interested spectators and judges should easily asses the study and the results obtained.  Use clear and concise displays. Make headings stand-out, draw graphs and diagrams clearly and label them correctly.  A one-page project abstract must be posted in one corner of the booth. Be sure to adhere to the given size limitations and safety rules when preparing the display. 


The maximum size of project display (tarpaulin) must be: 5 feet height x 3 feet width


III.       Abstract – should consist of short, concise descriptions of the problem & its solution.  It must be typewritten in the IPSF Official Abstract Form, one page only, single-spaced with a maximum of 250 words, in Times Roman style, font 11.  The abstract must state the following:

1.      Purpose

2.      Procedure Used

3.      Results

4.      Conclusion


IV.       Research Paper


         The research paper should contain the following:

a)      Problem/s

b)      Objectives

c)      Methods & Procedures (described in detail)

d)     Results

e)      Conclusions and Recommendations

f)       Bibliography (at least 3 major references)

Ethics Statement.  Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at the competition.  Plagiarism, use or presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own, forgery of approval signatures and fabrication or falsification of data or approval dates will not be tolerated.  Fraudulent projects are disqualified for the competition.



It shall direct its effort to provide the best possible resource to enhance student academic performance, broaden the student scheme through exposure to an enriched learning curriculum, enhances the level of understanding and awareness of students towards the rapid scientific and technological advances and to foster among students problem solving approach of critical thinking

It is envisioned to provide opportunities to intellectually promising students with an enriched secondary education curriculum conformable to the educational mandate “to encourage critical and creative thinking and broaden scientific technological knowledge"

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