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Karrisza May Cadag on 08/20/2009 at 8:29am (UTC)
  August 6, 2009- Rotary Club of Valenzuela with VADAC and ADAP 3800 came to our school to meet the Seniors of Valenzuela City Science High School. They came for a very important topic and that is anti drug awareness.
“Ako, ayoko sa bawal na gamot” is the tagline of this program. We had many visitors namely Ms. Bubut Sarmiento, Brgy. Capt. Ramon Encarnacion, Mr. Tony Espiritu, Mr. Panganiban and the rest of the staff VADAC. With the help of Ms. Almariego, the Master of Ceremonies, the symposium was initiated. As usual, it started with a prayer, singing of National Anthem and an Opening Remarks of Mr. Arneil D. Aro, our school principal. After this, Mr. Panganiban, the PTA-President, stated a speech in connection with the symposium’s objective. According to him “demonstration plus conversation is equal to transformation” With this statement, we were slightly enlightened. Another speech was given to us by the Dalandanan-Barangay Captain Ramon Encarnacion to let us realize the effects of drug abuse.
As the main part of the symposium, Ms. Bubut Sarmiento shared to us much information about drugs, drug abuse, laws, agencies and rehabilitation centers. We gained knowledge about its bad effects and what would life be with drug abuse. We even recognized the IUPAC names of the drugs mentioned in the lecturing because of our subject, Organic Chemistry. We also met AKO, the logo of the program, which means a lot. Later on, we had a small contest, and every one of us was triumphant and got prizes. As the closing remarks, Mr. Tony Espiritu had a small talk with us. A meaningful acronym, AYAW KO, was introduced to us by him. To end the symposium, Mr. John Christen Alfajora, SGO-President, led us in an oath of not having drugs and to be a certified good Valenzuelano.
As the final ceremony of the seminar, we were given a chance to make big painting with our hands on it or what we call, hand painting.
As I saw it, everything turned great and they were victorious on conducting the symposium. Each senior was enlightened and enjoyed the program. Personally, my belief of not having vices strengthens. Vices, especially drugs, may help you to be numb about your negative feelings but, I assure you, it will do no good on your body and in your whole life. Having drugs is like living in a life full of regrets.
We declare, no one in ValSci community wants illegal drugs!


Karrisza May Cadag on 08/20/2009 at 8:26am (UTC)
  July 31, 2009- ACTEC or Asian Care Giving & Technology Center in Caloocan City invited the schools from Caloocan City, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela City for a quiz bee about Mathematics and Science.
The invitational quiz bee was part of the highlights of their(ACTEC) Science Week. Lawrence Andaya (IV-Maxwell) is the participant for the Science Quiz Bee while Atoz Enriquez (IV-Maxwell) is the chosen one for the Mathematics Quiz Bee. They were already at the venue 1:00pm together with Ms. Josie Edillo and Mr. Verlito Bua Jr., the trainers for Mathematics and Science respectively.
The Quiz Bee contains two rounds, both orally answered with the aid of a pen and a sheet of paper. The first round or elimination round which has fifteen questions, five for the easy round, five for the average and another five for the difficult questions. The easy questions garner three points if correct, five points for the average questions and 10 points for the difficult questions. For a participant to go through the second round or final round, he has to make it to the top five contestants. The pointing system is also the same on the final round and the points they got on the elimination was neglected on this round. This scheme was applied in both Math and Science quiz bee.
Let us begin the story with Atoz Enriquez. On the first round, he only got three points out of ninety-five since he only got one correct answer. He told me that the questions were really hard and you have to answer it mentally without wasting your time. Fortunately, since this round is very hard, only three of the contestants got scored and one of them is Atoz. The San Jose Academy ranked one with 21 points out of ninety-five. The second position was got by both Caloocan High School and Valenzuela City Science High School having three points each. On the final round, Atoz got twenty-five points, ranking first on the quiz bee. The Caloocan High School became the second one with nine points and the third one is the San Jose Academy having six points. He said that he was very happy and he’s not expecting that he’ll make it. It is because of the second to the last question on the second round. “Pinakamahirap yung second to the last question because I can feel the pressure kasi kapag tumama yung mga kalaban ko, tapos mali ako, there’s a chance na maging 3rd lang ako. Fortunately, mali kaming tatlo—sure win na!” With that statement, I can see his mixed emotions of surprise, excitement and happiness. He received 1000Php as his award. I asked him where he decided to spend his money and he said that it was already gone because he paid some of his debts and used as allowance for everyday.
Now, I’ll tell the story of the immortal Lawrence. Of course, because of his high IQ, he got 92 points out of 95 in the first round and so, he ranked first, second is the Caloocan High school and the others, he forgot. On the final round, he said he had a hard time, but still got the first prize garnering a score of 45 out of 95. The Caloocan High School maintained its place, and some of the winners, he also forgot. He got 1000Php as a prize and unlike Atoz, he still has the money, remaining the same as it was before.
The nervous Atoz and forgetful Lawrence, together with their trainers went to Jollibee to celebrate their triumphs.
Congratulations Atoz and Lawrence, and also To Ms. Edillo & Mr. Bua! We are very proud of you!


Karrisza May Cadag on 08/20/2009 at 8:12am (UTC)
  July 31, 2009- It was Friday when the first activity of the Science Club and Science Department took place. “Fundamentals of Science Research” symposium was made into success. It was really a whole day of fun and learning.
The day before the symposium, Thursday, the Science Club officers already prepared for it. Ezekiel Bernardo and Justine Pacon were assigned to let the teachers sign the excuse letter of the participants. Meanwhile, Yasmeen Belen, Monique Resultay, Honey Lynne Anito and yours truly prepared the training kits to be given to the participants. Before the day ended, all the officers cleaned the Science Laboratory, the venue. This day was already full of amusement for us since we were really enjoying the documentation of preparing for the upcoming symposium. Yes, a documentation, there were picture taking, with Stuart (Honey Lynne’s stuff toy), stolen shots and memories of a fun cleaning.
Friday, the day for the symposium came. The registration started as early as 7:00 am. All officers were there in the registration booth to do their own tasks. Shortly, the seminar took place. It was started by the welcoming of the participants by yours truly. Then, a doxology and the National Anthem were sung by Charlene Camaing, one of our school’s prides. Later on, Mrs. Flerida Velez, Science Club Adviser stated her welcome remarks and Mr. Arneil D. Aro, our Principal did the same for his Opening Remarks. After all the welcoming, Ms. Merlyn Mayana introduced the speakers for the day.
Mr. Jaime De Vera , the Science Department Head enlightened the participants about when and how to cite the references sources. Our participants gained knowledge on how to do reviewing of related literature and making bibliography. After this, the participants took their short break to eat some snacks. In a short time, Ms. Juliana Tamayo then discussed to the students all about research designs. They were even given exercises to test their learning. Next was Mr. Augusto Logronio to let the participants know the statistical tools and use them in the analysis of the data acquired upon the experiment. Lunch break was then given to us and the participants.
After an hour of lunch break, Ms.Teresa Atanacio discussed about the International Rules and Guidelines for S.I.P dealing with vertebrate animals, hazardous chemicals and devices. We, the officers, also gained knowledge about this information. Lastly, Mr. Albert Tolentino shared helpful tips in doing a science investigative project. All of us were inspired for the scholarly and aesthetic quotes he said.
At the end of the program, we awarded the speakers, organizers and participants. The officers of science club were also awarded. Mr. De Vera then ended the symposium with his closing remarks.
After a tiring day, we celebrated our success in conducting the symposium. We bought some doughnuts and drinks for us. We also shared these to the speakers as a token of appreciation.
We were very thankful for all of this. Many of us learned not only the participants, but also us. Personally, I was very thankful and happy for the accomplishment we made and for the additional knowledge I gained.






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